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Sarama: The AI Assistant for Dog Trainers

An impressed social media audience is seeking your dog training services? The kind of results you offer don’t occur overnight, it takes a lot of time and effort to create a tailored program for each client. As a result, you get overwhelmed and have to turn down numerous clients losing considerable revenue.

What if all of that could change? What if the AI that has taken the world by storm, could offer a little calm to your life? We are talking about an AI-powered assistant that is always learning and improving. One that can take care of client onboarding, assign and evaluate homework, and create customized training plans based on those evaluations in real-time.

Sarama has built an AI that is your next best friend in dog training. Sarama generates personalized and engaging experience to your clients so you can have a stream of clients, higher client satisfaction, multiply your earnings, and free up your time for yourself! A solution that literally makes you money while you sleep, enjoy a vacation with your family, or hang out with friends. Our software works 24/7, across the world, and in your client’s native language!

How does Sarama work?

Automatically onboard clients

Laborious process of onboarding clients individually is no longer burdensome. Sarama will automate your onboarding checklist and filter out people who are not yet ready to engage your services.

Automatically assign & grade client homework

You no longer have to sit down to individually assess the performance of each client. Sarama will automatically determine the clients’ performance in the training programs.

Create customized training programs

After our software determines your clients’ performance, we’ll adjust the difficulty of your training program to maximize their success. We’ll send you updates through our dashboard so you can intervene as needed to control the experience based on your exacting specifications.

Easy for everyone

Easier for dog trainers

Sarama will share your workload by responding to clients’ questions, handling onboarding, automating homework grading, and creating customized training plans.

Easier for dog parents

Sarama highlights the exact content that dog owners need to view from their library and offers a tailored and engaging experience through elements of personalization.

More clients, higher satisfaction, less work - one assistant.

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